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Recruitment of Junior Managers for Companies

We are specialized in the finding of candidates. We bring them into the best possible position in companies. Always based on their individual interests and competencies.

As the exclusive recruitment consulting company of SIBE (School of International Business and Entrepreneurship) in association with Steinbeis Fondation, SAPHIR offers not only the recruitment of academics for permanent positions, but also the qualification of existing employees or employees recruited by SAPHIR.
Through our services, we support companies not only in the search for possible employees but also in the retention of existing employees, so that qualified employees are available to companies in the long term.

Recruitment & Selection

Job advertisements for academic career starters and recruitment of academics with up to 10 years of professional experience.

Employer Branding

We help companies with qualification & coaching to position themselves as attractive employers for applicants.

Talent Catalog & Talent Pool

Companies benefit from our qualified pool of young professionals with a bachelor’s degree and up to 5 years of professional experience.

Recruitment Consultancy

The art of selecting the “right ones” with the right (i.e. actually needed) competences. We are here to help you!

Our service

Recruitment & Selection

We are experts in the recruitment of young professionals. This is our focus and we have many years of experience.

Over the years we have developed a relationship of trust with numerous companies. Our corporate clients as well as our applicants benefit from this circle of high-quality partner companies.


Recruitment of young professionals and young academics.

Through an efficient mix of different, proven recruiting methods (SAPHIR Recruiter, Network Search, Career Days), we can offer companies a particularly well selection of academics with up to 10 years of professional experience in all fields to fill vacant academic positions.

Our team is always up to date and follows current and new trends in the HR market very closely, such as:

  • Find the right candidates even for challenging profiles by using academics with up to ten years of professional experience, also in the form of permanent talent scouting
  • Proven mix of recruiting strategies for the targeted search of candidates
  • Flexible access to a high-quality talent pool with candidates from all disciplines
  • Innovative recruiting methods via new media to address our target groups
  • High effectiveness through an approach to win new applicants which is dialogue-oriented and individual

Please also read our blog about current developments in the recruiting market and subscribe to our newsletter.


Selection procedure for qualification in our talent pool


SIBE-Management-Master – M.Sc. in International Management

The selection procedure for SIBE Management Master – M.Sc. in International Management, consists of three steps: formal examination of the application documents, Online Assessment Centre and KODE®-Evaluation. After successfully completing all three steps, applicants are included in our talent pool. Following a successful match with a project company, applicants are able to start their career-integrated master’s degree! Please note: any application documents can only be forwarded to cooperating partner companies after a coaching telephone call with employees of SAPHIR.

Formal examination of application documents

The application documents are first checked for completeness and quality. We will contact you within a maximum of three working days.

Online-Assessment-Center (OAC)

During the approximately three-hour Online Assessment Center, you take part in a group conversation, work on various tasks and complete a one-on-one interview. In addition to the selection character, it also serves the exchange of information and thus, offers both us and you a good basis for decision-making. After a successful Online Assessment Center a so-called coaching telephone call follows, in which a tailor-made consultation takes place in order to find a suitable partner company for you.


The KODE®-Evaluation serves as an instrument for competence diagnostics and development and has been tested by an independent institute according to DIN 33430. It deals with tasks that are fundamental to the work requirements. The KODE®-Evaluation provides us with an overview of your competences and experiences in order to make a deliberate decision for the final approval of our master’s programs. In addition, the test offers you a very good basis for your own strengths and weaknesses profile, which you can lean on in any upcoming job interviews.

Our service

Employer Branding

Through our qualification and coaching measures, we help companies to position themselves as attractive employers for potential applicants.

Durch gemeinsame Rekrutierungs- und Vermarktungsaktionen finden Unternehmen aus allen Branchen so geeignete Qualifizierungsangebote zur Unterstützung ihres Employer Brandings.

What to do in the competition for the greatest talents?

The shortage of junior managers and specialists and the war for talents are forcing companies, more than ever before, to promote themselves as a brand.

Employer branding is about presenting oneself as an attractive employer and, last but not least, positioning oneself advantageously vis-à-vis potential applicants and employees.

This so-called employer branding aims to increase the efficiency of recruitment and the quality of junior managers.

Employer branding measures

The most important measures include, among others:

  • Implementation of a work-life balance (individually defined by each company)
  • Qualification of specialists and managers
  • Social media channels for communication
  • Brand strategy
  • Diversity management
  • Strategic communication of the individual value of the company

However, the best ambassadors for employers are their own employees! Among other things, qualification measures, i.e. (in-house) further training opportunities for employees, are optimal opportunities to achieve the goal of any employer branding, the commitment of employees to the company. 

Occupationally integrated and occupation-accompanying management master programs

The Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB), one of the largest business schools in Germany with the right to award doctorates, is a state-recognised university and a leader in the transfer of competence between science and business. SIBE, as an institute of the SHB, offers occupation-integrated and occupation-accompanying management master programs, which are strongly connected with a project within a company as well as the development one’s own competencies throughout the master program.

This concept involves working on a real company or forecasting project, whereby the students immediately put what they have learnt in the seminars into practice. Through the transfer of knowledge into practice and seminars, a systematic competence development of your employees is carried out. The chart gives you an initial brief overview, more detailed information can be found on the SIBE homepage.

Talk to us-we are happy to provide you with further information!

Our service

Talent Catalog & Talent Pool

With a pool of around 3000 applications per year, we can offer a qualified talent pool of young professionals with bachelor’s degrees and up to five years of professional experience.

After passing the selection process, numerous new candidates in all specialist areas (HR to IT/Engineering) are added to our talent catalogue every month.

Are you interested?

Benefit from our talent catalogue

Our talent catalogue is generated from our talent pool.

Our talent catalogue is free of charge. In it you find monthly updates of our new academic entries, of course in a way which is compliant with the latest data protection laws as well as sorted according to the department you are looking for:

  • Engineering,
  • IT,
  • HR,
  • Purchasing & Logistics,
  • Finance & Controlling,
  • Marketing & Communication and
  • Sales.

Our talent catalogue offers our business partners an optimal overview (study programme, experience, knowledge) of new candidates in our talent pool. 

We provide this service free of charge.

If you are interested in a candidate, please do not hesitate to contact us with the candidate identification number.

Our service

Recruitment consulting

The main focus of recruitment consulting is the search and selection of qualified junior staff and executives.

We offer professional support through a DIN (a norm giving by the German Institute for Standardization)-certified selection process carried out by our experienced consultants.

Getting the right skills on board

In the fight for the best candidate it is absolutely necessary to select the “right ones” with the right (i.e. actually needed) competences. In this context, SAPHIR offers professional support through a DIN-certified selection process carried out by our experienced consultants.

In addition, we offer you KODE® (Competence Development and Diagnostics) for diagnostics and potential analysis at the most modern scientific level.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you in finding and identifying new employees.

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As the exclusive recruitment consulting company of SIBE, School of International Business and Entrepreneurship, SAPHIR offers not only the recruitment of academics for permanent positions, but also further qualification options of existing employees or employees recruited by SAPHIR.
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