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SAPHIR & Kode® Competence development

SAPHIR Deutschland is the personnel consultancy in the Steinbeis Foundation network and exclusive partner of the School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE).

We are specialists in the recruitment of selected university graduates and young professionals from all disciplines with up to five years of professional experience. The ideal “match” between companies and candidates is at the heart of our consulting services.

This is because we follow a definition of career that is not tied to a career stage or a title. For us, a career is when the right employee uses his or her skills for the benefit of the company.

„Competencies open up the future“

Bringing the right skills on board – the SAPHIR selection process!

The basis is the SAPHIR selection process as a key success factor for discovering talent. After a specific evaluation of the documents and the mandatory English placement test, our online introductory interview is the focus of our assessment of the candidates. Together with the KODE skills assessment, the suitability of the candidates as junior staff is checked.

KODE® stands for competence diagnostics and development and is the world’s only analysis method for directly measuring individual skills. It works exclusively with strengths and potentials. The software-supported, scientifically based method differs fundamentally from psychometric tests due to its focus on skills that can be developed.

In the end, we identified the talents from the large number of applicants who we trust to successfully drive forward and complete your projects.

* The result of the KODE measurement is only made available to the user and is deleted after dispatch

Our selection process


Inbox and checking

Examination of the application documents


Meet and greet

We conduct a 30-45 minute meeting with Microsoft Teams.



Implementation of the online-based KODE® competence measurement


Coaching call

A coaching call takes place for tailored advice

KODE License Consultants of SAPHIR Deutschland GmbH


Dipl.-Päd., Dipl.-Theol. Bruno Gross, MBA
CEO SAPHIR Deutschland GmbH

Phone: +49 70 32- 94 58 – 22


Alice Wolf, M.A.
Head of Talentmanagement – Candidate Journey

Phone: +49 176 – 19 45 80 00


Antonia Thumm, B.A.
Head of Talentmanagement – Recruitment

Phone: +49 176 – 19 45 80 18


Mario Schiocchet, M.Sc.
Head of Talentmanagement – HR Marketing

Phone: +49 176 – 19 45 80 04


Anja Tamm, B.A.
Specialist Talentmanagement – Recruitment

Phone: +49 176 – 19 45 80 17


Jessica Philipp, B.A.
Junior Consultant Talentmanagement – HR Marketing

Phone: +49 176 – 19 45 80 03


Vanessa Merk, M.Sc.
Consultant Talentmanagement – Candidate Journey

Phone: +49 176 – 19 45 80 09



Years of experience in the placement of young professionals in management positions

At the cutting edge of talent

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As the exclusive recruitment consulting company of SIBE, School of International Business and Entrepreneurship, SAPHIR offers not only the recruitment of academics for permanent positions, but also further qualification options of existing employees or employees recruited by SAPHIR.

Contact Information

SAPHIR Deutschland GmbH
Kalkofenstr. 53
71083 Herrenberg

Fon: +49 (0) 7032 – 22 99 399